My son and my daughter both enrolled with Dolphin Swimming since 2004. I cannot be more happy with Dolphin’s lessons. Jonathan is now in his high school swim team and has won the New England Championship. He may not be the fastest swimmer in his team yet, but as his coach commented that he can be one of the top swimmers in the near future because of his good techniques. As for Sharon, this is the third time she signs up for swim team. I just want her to continue her drills and practices every week, hoping her forms and speed can improve more forward. I have and will continue to recommend Dolphin to all my friends. I believe swimming is a good sports for kids in terms of physical growth as well as building team spirit.

Helen T.
Old Westbury, NY

A good swimming course is benefit and important to a beginner. Before my 6 years old son joined Dolphin, I did consult friends and research with other swimming schools. I believe Dolphin would be pretty good as the staffs and instructors are very patient, friendly and willing to help. If the student has difficulty, they will try to give out suggestions to help to solve the problem. There is one thing that I should really glad to point out that parents have chance to look over the whole process of the lesson running. It helped parents to understand and know their kids progress in the class. If their kids have any weakness affects their progress, parents can help their kids to do more practices at home rather than not knowing what to do. The school also provides catch up class for those fall behind too.

Brooklyn, NY

My son has been with Dolphin Swimming for the past 15 months. At first, he was terrified of the water and would cry at the beginning of every lesson. However, with the patience and perservance of the caring and qualified staff at Dolphin. My son was able to overcome his fear of the water and now he is like a fish in the water. I look forward to seeing him complete the remaining levels until he goes to swim team.

Nadeem S.
Bensonhurst, NY

When I was eight years old my parents brought me to Dolphin Swimming so I could learn better techniques to help me improve my strokes. I have learnt a lot a Dolphin and I think that all swimmers should have good technique so they have a less chance of getting hurt. Learning how to swim is a pretty difficult task but once you get the basics it becomes slightly easier. To overcome times when I don’t want to swim, my teachers help keep me motivated and encourages me not to give up. Over the years I have acquired many trophies and medals which make me very proud of myself. In my opinion swimming is the best sports.

Stanley W.
Orangeburg, NY