Thank you all for joining the 3x Olympians swim clinic

Press Release

3x Olympians Swim Clinic with Nathan Adrian, Lia Neal & Josh Davis

has successfully come to an end

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Swim Team

After completed all 8 fundamental skill levels, further strokes development and competitive training available at our swim team programs .

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Basketball Programs

Our basketball programs are available from Beginner, Intermediate, Advance & Team Play levels.

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Learn-to-Swim Programs

Our swimming programs has served more than ten thousand students over the past 20 years, many are qualified for school swim teams, Junior Olympics, Easter Zone Championship & Olympics Trials.

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Karate Programs

Our Karate programs are availble from entry level White belt to Junior Black belt.

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  • Spring Registration starts now !!

    Winter is gone and it’s time to get back on track for exercise and continue to excel yourself. All swimming,.
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  • TVB News: Dolphin Swimming 20th Anniversary Celebration Event with 3x Olympians Swim Clinic

    美國奧運金牌得主喬希.戴維斯、倪家駿及倪麗雅將在 2018 年 1 月 27 日與游泳小將交流. 紐約社區游泳愛好者將有機會直接和三位美國偉大的游泳運動員 ─ 奧運 3 金 2 銀得主 喬希.戴維斯 (Josh Davis)、奧運 5 金 1.
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  • Olympics athletes help swimming program mark major milestone Olympics athletes help a swimming program mark a major milestone. Dolphin Swimming hosted a 20th anniversary celebration at The.
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  • 海豚游泳培訓中心20周年慶典 三位美國奧運名將蒞臨盛會

    1月27日是海豚游泳中心20周年慶典。該中心特別邀請了三名奧運名將參加此一盛會。約300名游泳愛好者和家長,在聆聽游泳健將們的講座後,均為他們堅持不懈的精神、自強不息積極的人生態度所鼓舞;而這幾位世界級泳將主持的泳術指導,更讓參加者在泳技方面收益匪淺。 國會眾議員孟昭文、紐約州眾議員金兌錫、紐約市議員顧雅明、紐約市前主計長劉醇逸以家長身分到會場與美國游泳隊明星見面,肯定他們在國際游泳比賽的驕人成就,為年輕一代的楷模。孟昭文和金兌錫更向海豚游泳中心頒發了榮譽狀,表彰該中心20年來對游泳運動和社區事務的貢獻。 More details ………20180201 Singtao USA.
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  • Audio Broadcast

    Radio Announcement on New Semester Registration. Stay Tune !!.
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The program is committed to offering

quality sports training in an indoor environment, to fostering excellence in teaching, to facilitating the enhancement of learning, and to sustaining full access to professional training for those who seek fulfillment of personal, survival or technical skills in sports.


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