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We've got hundreds of styles, colors, activities and design options to create your one-of-a kind look.

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Swim Team

After completed all 8 fundamental skill levels, further strokes development and competitive training available at our swim team programs .

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Basketball Programs

Our basketball programs are available from Beginner, Intermediate, Advance & Team Play levels.

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Learn-to-Swim Programs

Our swimming programs has served more than ten thousand students over the past 20 years, many are qualified for school swim teams, Junior Olympics, Easter Zone Championship & Olympics Trials.

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Karate Programs

Our Karate programs are availble from entry level White belt to Junior Black belt.

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  • 2017 Fall Registration Starts Soon !

    Please stay tune for our new Fall semester schedule at all locations including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island. Please.
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  • 7/29 – 愛護法拉盛社區清潔日

    海 豚 游 泳 誠 意 邀 請 你 們 參 加 由 角 聲 主 辦 的  “愛護法拉盛社區清潔日”. We.
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  • 游泳鍛鍊品格意志體魄,成果一生受益!

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  • 海豚游泳培訓中心 隆重慶祝20週年紀念

    2017年,海豚游泳培訓中心迎來了20週年紀念慶典,並將開展一系列慶祝活動。20週年慶祝活動之一,是海豚皇后區隊和布碌崙隊的籃球比賽。此次賽事場面非常熱鬧,在家長和隊友的吶喊聲和掌聲中,兩隊頻頻入籃,精彩場面一再出現。海豚創辦人Tiffany Yip稱,該中心幸而聘得籃球專業教練團隊,他們從對球場的認識、每條球場線的名稱開始,依照正規的球隊訓練專案逐一訓練學生,嚴格要求從每個基本動作開始到定位,並非採取只提供場地讓學員自由地打球的訓練形式。完成基礎訓練專案之後,則依序傳授學員專業的球隊訓練如持球、運球、傳球、上籃、轉身、移位、搖擺運球、掩護轉身、傳切訓練、傳離訓練、傳球快攻、轉身投籃、左右移位投籃訓練、進攻籃板競賽訓練、三人籃板練習等等的專業訓練技巧。 讓學員在每週一次的固定訓練課程舒展身心外,確實學到籃球技術,在攻防練習上能夠得心應手,也讓學生更有機會參加學校的籃球球隊,長期保持對此項運動的熱情,對自己更有自信。 20週年慶祝活動之二,是布碌崙游泳隊之間的游泳比賽。此次比賽組織得非常好,參賽者全力以赴,父母和學生們都對比賽者表現超水準而歡呼!More details at 2017-04-01.
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  • Audio Broadcast

    Radio Announcement on New Semester Registration. Stay Tune !!.
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About Us

The program is committed to offering

quality sports training in an indoor environment, to fostering excellence in teaching, to facilitating the enhancement of learning, and to sustaining full access to professional training for those who seek fulfillment of personal, survival or technical skills in sports.


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