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We've got hundreds of styles, colors, activities and design options to create your one-of-a kind look.

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Swim Team

After completed all 8 fundamental skill levels, further strokes development and competitive training available at our swim team programs .

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Basketball Programs

Our basketball programs are available from Beginner, Intermediate, Advance & Team Play levels.

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Learn-to-Swim Programs

Our swimming programs has served more than ten thousand students over the past 20 years, many are qualified for school swim teams, Junior Olympics, Easter Zone Championship & Olympics Trials.

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Karate Programs

Our Karate programs are availble from entry level White belt to Junior Black belt.

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  • 海豚游泳恭賀大家新年進步、鶴立雞群!

    恭祝新年吉祥,幸福和欢乐与你同在。 Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year. 恭祝健康、幸运,新年快乐。 May the joy and happiness around you today.
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  • 海豚游泳培訓中心出席金泳鏡獎頒獎典禮

    著名海豚游泳培訓中心日前榮幸地被邀參加美國游泳界2016年的盛事─「第13屆金泳鏡獎」頒獎典禮。該中心教練Tiffany葉出席了此次盛會。 本屆金泳鏡獎在紐約Marriott Marquis Hotel 舉行,著重表彰2016 年巴西奧林匹克大賽中傑出表現者。出席此次盛會的有代表美國奧林克匹出賽的全體國家游泳隊隊員、美國隊教練及特別邀請之嘉賓。海豚游泳培訓中心前學生、巴西奧運女子4X100自由泳接力銀牌的倪麗雅(Lia Neal)亦出席了此一盛會。 Michael Phelps被稱為所有運動項目中歷史上榮獲最多獎牌的選手,他參加過五屆奧運,共囊括了28面獎牌,其中有23面金牌。More details……...
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  • New TV Commercial by TVB USA

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  • 海豚培訓班成績斐然

    2012奧運時,Tiffany葉與本屆美國游泳奧運女子代表隊總教練David Marsh合攝。 「學習游泳或任何體育項目都能令人意志堅強,精力集中,在任何方面都更成功。」Tiffany葉開辦海豚培訓班近20年,桃李滿天下,每年教出很多游泳尖子,參加學校、少年奧林匹克比賽,成績優異。她強調,運動能教會孩子如何約束自己,管理時間,成為真正強者。 Click to read more in details……….
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  • Audio Broadcast

    Radio Announcement on New Semester Registration. Stay Tune !!.
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The program is committed to offering

quality sports training in an indoor environment, to fostering excellence in teaching, to facilitating the enhancement of learning, and to sustaining full access to professional training for those who seek fulfillment of personal, survival or technical skills in sports.


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